Autumn 2019 & Spring 2020


Teaching Brecht: "Make the familiar strange" with Helen Halliday
Saturday 12th October 2019, 10am-4pm
Mayfield School, East Sussex

Bertolt Brecht’s influence on theatre is more present today than it has ever been. In a climate of worldwide political turmoil, Brechtian theories are standing the test of time and becoming increasingly pertinent to both theatre and television in the 21st century. Breaking the fourth wall has almost become a norm today. As an audience, we are no longer disconcerted by the use of film montage, song, dance or music, narration or freeze frames.


Teaching Brecht effectively and with passion is key to helping students understand the possibilities for creating powerful drama about rich topical subjects other than the usual go-to areas many students often veer towards. And even subject matters that most enthral students can be shown in a clearer and more entertaining light when using Brechtian techniques. Students can be taught to both educate and entertain!


In this full day workshop you will explore exciting ways of teaching all aspects of Brecht, new exercises and styles of performing as well as reasons to choose Brecht as a good solid exam focus for the written assessment and examination and for the practical elements.

Workshop Facilitator:  Helen Halliday

Helen Halliday has been teaching and directing throughout the country for over 35 years. Now a full time director and writer, she utilises Brecht’s techniques in many of her productions. Although specialising in comedic theatre, she is passionate about Brechtian influences on all areas and styles of drama.

Jerzy Grotowski Workshop with Andrew Darren-Elkins
Saturday 18th January 2020, 10am-4pm
Mayfield School, East Sussex

To quote Peter Brook: 'Grotowski is Unique. Why? Because no-one else in the world, to my knowledge, no-one since Stanislavski, has investigated the nature of acting, its phenomenon, its meaning, the nature and science of its mental-physical-emotional processes as deeply and completely as Grotowski.'


This workshop will give participants a brief insight into the practice of Jerzy Grotowski exploring the connection between body, mind and voice. This workshop will be a practical experience to enable participants to experience the work through the act of doing. Theatre is by definition a practice, we may look at the theory but first we must do. ‘One must learn through ‘doing’ and not through memorisation of ideas and theories.’ 


About the practitioner:

Andrew is a director, actor and practitioner from the UK. He began his training at Rose Bruford College and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He would go on to work intensively with Bred in the Bone Theatre Laboratory at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland. After joining the company Andrew continued to work extensively as an actor and workshop leader with BITB touring internationally and finding a home at Theatre De Menilmontant, Paris - where the company runs the ‘Dreams Before Dawn’ festival. He is a core member of ‘The Third Arrangement’ working internationally with actors of the acclaimed Cricot2 Teatr. His travels as an actor have taken him from The Grotowski Institute to the A.P Chekhov Theatre and far beyond. 


Andrew has worked for the last five years as a visiting lecturer and director at leading Drama Schools. His actor training focuses on psycho-physical techniques under the name of ‘Totality’. 

Physicalising the Text Workshop: Frantic Assembly & Gecko with 2Man Theatre
*POSTPONED* Due to the latest Government advice on Covid-19, we are unfortunately having to postpone this workshop (due to take place on 25/4/20). We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but know you will understand this decision. Thank you.

2Man Theatre is a duo of physical theatre practitioners, who have experience creating a Physical Theatre Ensemble and performing in various physical and immersive productions. This Physical Theatre workshop is designed specifically to suit teachers who are looking to employ practitioners such as Frantic Assembly and Gecko and their methodologies in the classroom.  2Man Theatre’s approach focuses on putting the teacher at the heart of the ensemble, and educating students through a physical experience.


Teachers will leave the workshop confident in leading Physical Theatre Ensembles in the classroom and creating assertive, risky, diverse and precise physical work for performances.


Topics covered will include:


  • Text choices for Physical Theatre

  • Investigating the Physical Score of a text

  • Applying Physical Theatre techniques to a text

  • Refining Physical Theatre technique through its relation to the text

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